The iPhone15 still has a 60Hz screen refresh rate

Screen industry Ross Young recently shared some information about the iPhone 15 series of screens. He said that the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will have the Spirit Island feature, but the refresh rate will still be 60Hz, He said Apple will not use LTPO’s adaptive screen refresh technology, which supports 1Hz-120Hz, on all iPhone models.


The reaction was mixed, with some users arguing that a lower refresh rate would give the iPhone 15 and Plus better battery life, and that not having a higher refresh rate wouldn’t make the iPhone much more expensive, if not cheaper.

iPhone 15

Others said the fact that the iPhone 15 will not come with a high refresh rate in 2023 is backward and too expensive.

In fact, these are in line with some rumors in September 2022, when the rumor that iPhone 15 series and later models will increase the difference between the basic version and the Pro version, from the appearance to the chip, after all, after the standard version of the Smart Island, if it has the same functions as the Pro version in some aspects, it will cause users to prefer to buy the basic iPhone. Not the Pro version, which is at odds with any company’s marketing that the middle option value product is designed to increase sales in order to increase sales of the high-end product.

Ross Young also said that Apple may release a new MacBook Air in April or early, but did not say whether it will include a 3nm M3 chipset.

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