iPhone15Plus rendering exposure

9to5Mac has released exclusive renderings of the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, and now they have obtained a CAD model of the iPhone 15 Plus, which has been used by 3D graphics expert Ian Zelbo to create renderings of the new device.


Apple provides CAD files to its supply chain partners to ensure the accuracy of size and design for the final product, and these files are used to create the renderings. The iPhone 15 Plus renderings reveal the new USB-C port at the bottom of the device, which will replace the Lightning charging and data transfer port.


The iPhone 15 Plus also has Dynamic Island, which is available across the iPhone 15 line, and thinner bezels than the iPhone 14 Plus. The exact dimensions of the iPhone 15 Plus have been confirmed as 160.87mm high, 77.76mm wide, and 7.81mm thick, making it slightly taller, narrower, and thicker than the iPhone 14 Plus. The camera bump on the back of the iPhone 15 Plus is also thicker than its predecessor.


The new body design of the iPhone 15 lineup includes slightly rounded edges, making the transition from the front to back of the device smoother.

Despite the iPhone 14 Plus not selling as well as Apple had hoped, the company will continue to include it in their iPhone lineup.


Whether the new features of the iPhone 15 Plus, such as USB-C and Dynamic Island, will be enough to attract buyers remains to be seen.

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