Some iOS16.3 users cannot synchronize with iCloud backup

Apple recently released iOS16.3, and some users are unable to sync with their iCloud cloud drive, photos and backup uploads after upgrading, which seems to be related to the lack of two-factor authentication.

Reports from users explain that they saw a message “Unexpected error occurred after trying to enable a feature that was previously activated and functioning properly but was turned off after being updated. Please try again later “. These include features such as iCloud cloud drive and backup.

In posts on Apple’s support forums and Reddit, some users who tried to interact with iCloud appeared to be having problems. These instances follow the iOS 16.3 update, which made security changes to enable physical security keys to protect accounts and extended advanced data protection outside the United States.

图片[1]-Some iOS16.3 users cannot synchronize with iCloud backup

A common thread indicates that the problem occurs when two-factor authentication is not enabled in most cases. Subsequent reports suggest that enabling Apple ID two-factor authentication might be one solution, but not everyone wants to enable this security feature on their accounts.

There are also reports of users experiencing the same problem but already having two-factor authentication enabled, so this could be due to other reasons.