vivo Pad 2 Specifications of the configuration parameters

Vivo Pad2 is a high-performance tablet with a wealth of specs and features. Here are the main configuration parameters of Vivo Pad2:

Screen: 12.1-inch 2.8K resolution 7:5 LCD screen with high refresh rate of 144Hz provides smooth image display and touch experience.

Processor: Equipped with Mediatek Guet 9000 chip, it has powerful processing power and efficient energy management, which can meet users’ demand for high performance.

Memory: Vivo Pad2 provides 8GB or 12GB LPDDR5 memory, which can satisfy users’ multitasking needs while ensuring smooth and stable system operation.

vivo Pad 2

Storage: Vivo Pad2 offers 128GB, 256GB and 512GB UFS 3.1 storage space, which can store large amounts of data and files to meet users’ entertainment and office needs.

Camera: Vivo Pad2 has a front-facing 8MP camera and a rear-facing 13MP+2MP camera combination to deliver high-quality photos and videos.

Battery: Vivo Pad2 has a built-in battery of 10000mAh and supports 44W fast charging, which can meet users’ needs for a long time.

Interface: Vivo Pad2 supports USB 3.2 interface for easy data transfer and connection to other devices.

Body: Vivo Pad2 adopts an all-metal body design, compact structure and comfortable texture. The thickness is 6.6mm, the weight is 580g, thin and portable, convenient for users to carry and use.

Overall, Vivo Pad2 is a feature-rich, powerful tablet that meets users’ demands for high performance and efficiency, while using a one-piece all-metal body design for a sleek, sophisticated look.