Suspected Huawei Barley 20 certified

Huawei’s new MAO-AL00 phone looks very similar to the previously released Huawei Smart barley 20, except that the HUAWEI logo has been replaced, which has been confused by netizens with Huawei Enjoy 60, which is now available. The new phone is likely to be Huawei barley 20, with the specifications of Huawei Smart Telecom barley 20 as a reference.

Huawei Smart barley 20 appeared in Telecom Tianyi product library, model TYH631M, the page displays the price of 8+256GB at ¥ 1799, 12+256GB at ¥ 1999, the configuration parameters are as follows:

  • Chip: Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 mobile processing platform, supporting 5G;
  • Screen: 6.78-inch 2388 x 1080 medium-hole LCD screen;
  • Camera: 8MP front and 64MP+2MP rear;

— Battery life: 5000mAh battery;

— Others: 8.55mm thick, 196g heavy, plastic back cover, silver moon star, obsidian gold ink black, Canglang green white 3 colors, Android 12 system.

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