Realme GT Neo5 charge for 30 seconds and talk for 2 hours

realme GT Neo5 will be released at 14:00 on February 9th. The back of this machine adopts the diffuse AG glass process, integrated metal camera DECO, retaining the double stripes of the track, transparent double film zero noise process, no coating residue, no noise particles.

realme GT Neo5

The main color is purple fantasy, the back also uses the awakening halo system of transparent RGB design, 25 color custom, multi-scene application, beautiful and fun! 1600 battery capacity of 80% or more effectively, after full charge and discharge cycle is the industry standard for 2 times, four years not virtual electric intelligent charging | | AI 10 c ultrathin battery pole piece | 240 w full charge level s

First 240 w high power products the Rhine TUV safety quick charge authentication 60 heavy security protection | 3 | FPC connection charging Hybrid algorithm platinum, charging Type – C interface currently supports the highest 98.5% charge pump | custom three road charging power high conversion rate double GaN charger | hurtling 12 a data line, It can charge for 30 seconds and talk for 2 hours