President of Red Star McLaren: Will Enter the Real Estate Intermediary Industry

Editor’s Note: Author: Fang Mu, Wechat Public Number: Real Estate and Internet Thinking (ID: fangdichanhulianwang), Wechat: aiqiyi 2046

Xie Jian, president of Red Star McLaren Home Group, said at a public event recently that the new business of Red Star McLaren Group entered the intermediary brokerage industry this year, and said it had been in action for a while, but did not disclose specific details.

It is not the first time that Red Star McLaren has extended its antennae into the intermediary field.

In 2017, Red Star McLaren released App as the “owner” of real estate, claiming that the app uses the popular knowledge-based payment model to provide consulting services for home buyers and is the first knowledge-based payment platform in China’s real estate sector. Through home-owned APP, users can get real estate expert services at different prices, and plan to set up a real estate college to train 10,000 professional real estate consultants.

However, shortly after the operation, the internal venture project was suspended internally because of direct competition with intermediaries. In addition, Red Star McLaren is also involved in investing in good rent and other brokerage services enterprises, and looking for investment opportunities in the intermediary field.

Industry insiders analysis, as the downstream industry of real estate transactions, Red Star McLaren is unlikely to enter into the intermediary field to participate in real estate transactions. On the one hand, the current real estate market is not a good opportunity to enter into transactions. On the other hand, Red Star McLaren belongs to the downstream industry of real estate transactions, and the characteristics of the industry determine that it has no real estate. Gene of production transaction, “a great possibility is through intermediary service platform, from furniture decoration to expand business chain to enter intermediary services. Getting first-hand decoration and home sales opportunities through intermediary services may be the real goal of Red Star McLaren.

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