Ulefone armor X6 Pro three prevention mobile phone has been released

Mass flow mobile news on July 17, ulefone armor X6 Pro three defense mobile phone has been released. It is equipped with MediaTek Helio a77 chipset, a 5.0-inch 720×1280 resolution IPS LCD screen, a 13million pixel imx214 sensor on the back, and a 5million pixel self timer lens.

Ulefone Armor X6 Pro三防手机

The size of the machine is 150 x 78.9 x 14.4 mm, weighs 227g, and has ip68/ip69k and mil-std-810g certification. The machine can be soaked in 1.5 meter deep water and small dust particles for 30 minutes. The outside of the equipment is coated with waterproof polymer coating, which is suitable for industry workers, builders and various rescue workers.

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