Blu S91 Pro mobile phone officially released

Mass flow mobile news on July 17, Blu S91 Pro mobile phone was officially released. It is equipped with MediaTek Helio G37 processor and a 6.5-inch 1600×720 resolution 90hz refresh rate screen. The rear lens of the machine is 50million pixels main camera + 2million pixels wide angle + depth of field lens, and the front self timer lens is 13million pixels.

Blu S91 Pro

The built-in 5000mAh battery has a body size of 164.7×76.0x8.9mm, weighs 202g, supports Bluetooth 5.1, the interface is type-C, supports post fingerprint unlocking and face recognition, has 4GB of running memory and 128GB of storage space, and supports microSD card expansion to 256gb. S91 Pro comes with a free solid shell, which can ensure that your phone is free from daily wear and tear..

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