Huawei Watch Ultimate is officially launched

Huawei Watch Ultimate is the world’s first smartwatch made of ultra-strong amorphous zirconium alloy. It is strong and strong, wear and corrosion resistant, and can withstand harsh environments. It is even capable of space-grade exploration missions. Using advanced nano forming technology, more lightweight and comfortable. Compared with stainless steel case strength is 4.5 times higher, hardness is 2.5 times higher, weight is reduced by 17.4%, with titanium watchband, lightweight and durable, comfortable to wear, let you at ease, navigator sea; Can also replace professional diving watch belt, dive deeper into the secret.

360° compass ring design, firm direction, non-stop, achievement of the spirit of exploration. With HNBR high elastic rubber wrist band, wear light and comfortable, excellent response to more outdoor challenges.

The new 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED screen, which fits tightly into the sapphire glass mirror, gives you a strong view of the whole picture, allowing you to clearly grasp important information while diving or climbing.

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HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, the world’s first public smartwatch to support two-way Beidou satellite messaging. Without ground network, WATCH Ultimate Extraordinary Master can independently send Beidou satellite messages to other mobile terminals. The recipient can receive the Beidou satellite message through the Changlian app or SMS, and reply the HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate Extraordinary Master message through the Changlian app or the URL in the SMS. Break through the limitations of the ground network and connect with the world at ease.


Meet ISO 22810 waterproof standard and EN 13319 diving standard, with 100 meters diving waterproof: innovative waterproof technology of the whole machine, breaking the limit of 100 meters waterproof performance of smartwatch. Contains 16 precision waterproof structure, unique micron filter layer and new waterproof breathable membrane, bring superior waterproof sealing performance, diving into the deep sea is not afraid of high pressure.

For the first time, the 100-meter scuba diving mode provides professional data recording, diving algorithms and diving guidance to help you dive deeper. More advanced diving users can be provided with CEIL and other data and emergency prediction, and have more peace of mind.

The newly upgraded free diving mode supports 100m depth recording, flexible setting of various functions, diving curve recording and convenient interaction design, fully unlocking adventure fun.

Outdoor health

New pathfinder system five-star dual-frequency positioning system outdoor adventure, leading the way; The 8-channel heart rate module is adopted to remind the abnormal physical signs to monitor the data of blood oxygen and real-time heart rate during exercise. It provides 20+ professional exercise modes and 100+ basic exercise modes. It supports the exercise mode of hiking, mountaineering and trail running, and can customize the dial layout, visually display the heart rate, GPS positioning and other parameters, and intelligentially manage the battery life. Outdoor exercise is easy to do (Huawei ECG analysis prompt software has obtained Class II medical device registration Certificate of the Drug Administration).

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Battery life Huawei Watch Ultimate supports wireless super fast charge and high-speed blood recovery. The battery life can last up to 14 days in normal scenarios and 8 days in heavy scenarios. The battery life can last for 60 minutes.


GPS real-time ranging high-precision positioning holes, flags and bunkers and other obstacles, but also support watch self-selected points accurate ranging, support the national 320+ golf course map, green and sand and other details at a glance, to help you swing confidently; Automatic identification of batting position, dynamic recovery of batting track. Hit track, review highlights, every swing performance, can be easily viewed on the mobile phone. According to the recorded total number of strokes, putts, penalty strokes, fairway hit and other information, the scientific calculation of stroke difference, fairway hit rate, green rate and other data for post-match technical analysis. Exercise mode can intelligently analyze swing rhythm, provide visual swing movement guidance, and assist to improve athletic performance.

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Brush the bus, brush the subway, brush access control, brush Alipay, do not use the card purse, just move the wrist.


Support watch to directly view wechat voice, picture, text, video call reminder message, can directly voice, text quick reply, support wechat payment, support massive third-party applications, can make and receive calls, support iOS mobile phone


48.5 mm x 48.5mm x 13 mm, suitable for wrist 140-210 mm, weight about 76 g (excluding band) 1.5 inches, LTPO AMOLED color screen, 466 x 466 pixels, PPI 311


The black rubber strap RMB ¥5,999

Steel titanium strap RMB ¥6,999

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